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We at Pixelate, found out a way to monetize capturing and owning photos.

Three Pillars of Pixelate

Understand the three pillar foundations of Pixelate and how its autonomy is dawn of new Internet entities 
1. Money
Pixel Money

Digital dividends are defined as the benefits arising from using digital technologies, it is to say the economic growth, job creation, and the provision of financial and non-financial services. We find ourselves in the midst of the greatest information and communications revolution in human history. More than 40% of the world’s population has access to the Internet, with new users coming Online every day. Among the poorest 20 % of households, nearly 7 out of 10 have a mobile phone. The poorest households are more likely to have access to mobile phones than toilets or clean water.
We in form of an Internet entity propose a platform Pixelate which authenticates the origin of an image(JPEG) treats it as an digital asset and derives a basic monetary value for the individual image. A mechanism to automate digital data dividends and trade.

Photo = Money 

2. Camera
Pixel Camera

All these cameras in the market, competing for one sole purpose to produce the best quality image. Images to be so real, crisp, clear and, fine detailed. It's a race with smart-phones taking on market lead in just past five years, in a century-old industry. So far it was a race to produce the best hardware of camera and lenses to innovate and drafting the learning curve. Shapes, sizes, mobility, and compactness did their thing, sooner or later compactness will reach its physical limitation, one just cannot keep on going sticking five cameras to a smart-phone and expect consumer to pay for the design cost, with computational photography on the other end of this spectrum which purely relies on the software part of digital photography, we can drive the costs of smart-phones down buy utilizing smaller mega-pixel sensors.

We at Pixelate believe that a true leap in the industry can be brought through building a universal camera operating system to control any image sensing device. A cyber physical system for cameras.

3. Technology
Pixel Vision

Consensus mechanisms refer to the process of attaining a unified agreement of all parties in a distributed network. Also known as a consensus algorithm, it facilitates the verification and validation of information being added to the distributed ledger. This ensures that only authentic transactions are recorded on the Blockchain. A consensus algorithm to record image data value on a distributed ledger, algorithms to automate rules of vesting power and validate voting rights of the nodes. Rules that have been hard-coded into the protocol ensures that the single source of truth will always be found and agreed upon amongst a global network of computers. These rules secure the entire network, enabling a trust-less network without the need for central figures or intermediaries.

Pixelate uses the underlying technology used to build Bitcoin protocol, we use blockchains distributed ledger technology to record image data. 

Pixelate Ecosystem

Pixelates' architecture uses Blockchain technologies to manage image data and mines the image data to provide you a data dividend. 
Smartphone camera applications and Operating system for Image sensing devices.
Tokens pegged against image data, through ethical value metrics and aesthetics value metrics.
A democratic platform for users to vote and share image data values.
Development vertical to bring the Pixelates technology for different, Social, commercial and personal use.

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